Why Designers Love Vinyl Cladding

You’ve probably only heard of vinyl cladding used as an external wall cladding for homes, buildings and commercial structures. But due to vinyl cladding’s great attributes as a cost-effective, durable, light-weight and great looking building material it has been used invery creative ways and has emerged as a favourite of designers and builders.

farmhouse sits on the manicured lawn inside the ranch fencing.

Building a temporary structure- movie sets, exhibitions and trade shows

The 2010 Australian movie production Tomorrow, When War Began was based on a John Marsden novel about 8 teenagers waging a guerrilla war to protect their fictional hometown, Wirrawee. The set designers needed to recreate a home used in their outdoor shoot. It had to be easy to install, very cost-effective (needed only for the duration of the shoot, it would be dismantled later) and be an exact replica. They zeroed in on external vinyl cladding in ivory. It was light weight, easy to install in a studio and in no time a very realistic replica of the outdoor set was ready.

Vinyl cladding has been used in several similar situations by set designers and staging companies when setting up temporary structures for trade shows, events such as the Melbourne Home and Garden Show, exhibitions and fairs. Because vinyl external wall cladding is very natural looking (such as Cedarline) and comes in a range of vivid designer colours (such as Sentry) it is the perfect material for temporary structures that need to look great.

Small, tiny houses

The transportable, modular home

When the leader in transportable and modular homes, Kent Corporation, was looking for external cladding for 3-bedroom house they were exhibiting at the Royal Perth Show, they turned to the Insulplank range for the external wall cladding of the structure.Again, cost effective, lightweight, and easy to transport and install were the attributes that worked.

Also, because theses structures are commercial establishments such as tourist homes, beachside cottages, remotely located mining accommodation, shops and cafés, they need to be low maintenance. Vinyl wall cladding is durable (comes with a lifetime warranty), needs no repainting (even for vivid colours) and only minimal cleaning (no expensive equipment or chemicals – just soap and water). And every structure needs protection from the elements. Vinyl cladding is waterproof and has a high combustion point. The lower energy bills are just the icing on the cake.

Ticks all the boxes? You bet it does. That’s why external vinyl cladding has been extensively used in mining towns, camping sites and holiday resorts.


Creating a dedicated space in the backyard

All of us would love to have a space in our house that is private – allowing us to do a bit of work or indulge in a hobby.  A granny flat, teenager retreat, home office or gym, DIY shed, an artist studio or just a man-cave or she-space – all fall in this category. A beautifully designed structure in the backyard fits the bill and does a great deal for the value of your home as well.

house in the clouds

While it should be a space with all the mod-cons, backyard structures have to blend into the landscape. External vinyl cladding is the most popular finish for such structures as it provides a very cost effective solution that is long-lasting, low maintenance and energy efficient. What’s great it that it comes in a natural finish (our Cedarline range looks like the real thing).  Want it to pop? Easy to do with the vivid colours of the Sentry range. The quick, easy and clean installation means you won’t have to suffer building material and men on your patch for too long.

So if you need more room, you can have it. We’ve got some great ideas on how you can use vinyl external cladding for your next project. So call us on 1300 305 435 or email us and we’ll provide you with the best professional advice.




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