The Wide-Spread Use of Non-Compliant Material in the Building Industry

The building industry has been flooded by imported products that don’t meet certification and compliance standards in Australia. Regulators are coming down hard on defaulters and are trying to ensure that properties and lives are not put at risk. Here are some tips to ensure that your building uses compliant material.

The wide-spread use of non-compliant material in the building industry

It is the issue that’s giving Australia’s building regulators sleepless nights. In the last few years, there have been reports of building products used in residential and commercial buildings that do not meet strength requirement, durability standards and workplace health and safety regulations. Building industry leaders are warning that the situation is so bad, it is putting properties and lives at risk.




What does this mean for builders and contractors?

  • Regardless of whether products you are using are imported or locally produced, as a builder, you must ensure that the products as well as materials used in making them are certified as compliant with Australian standards.
  • Even if a product you wish to use is certified and passes all standards in Australia, make sure it is cleared for the use you intend for it.
  • Ask the tough questions. Is it material in the product safe? How rigorously has it been tested? How durable is it?
  • Make sure the product carries comprehensive warranties. This indicates that the manufacturer is standing behind his product. Compare this with warranties offered by competing products.
  • Is it possible to safely dispose the product at the end of its lifespan? What is the cost of its disposal?




Remember, better safe than sorry!


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