What you Need to Know about Exterior Wall Cladding

In the real estate market, the first impression is often the last. So if you are looking to sell, especially in a discerning market like Melbourne and have a home exterior with faded weatherboard cladding or tired looking bricks – it’s time to renovate.

Vinyl Cladding Home

Studies have shown that investment in exteriors is recouped very quickly. A buyer can see the long-term benefits for them, and are happy to pay higher value.

But first for the seller, it is important to keep the renovation simple and cost effective.

Keeping it simple:

You want a renovation solution that does not involve tearing down existing structures and disrupting life around the house. Whether you have a brick, weatherboard cladding or render on your exterior walls, Vinyl Cladding Exteriors is designed to be installed over it, giving it an instant lift.

Cost effective:

The cost of material and installation for Vinyl Cladding is one of the most economical of all exterior cladding, depending on the product. There are a few different qualities available. Also, for someone who is very handy, a DIY installation is possible, bringing the cost down further.

Looks like wood, without the maintenance:

The great thing about some of the exterior solutions is how good they look. In the early days, Vinyl Cladding had the image of being a ‘plastic’ product. However, the new varieties on the market are very close replicas of natural painted wood without the disadvantages of high maintenance and low durability. You will end up with the looks of a quality renovation, without the high cost. Now that’s a value proposition.

Beautiful Home Exterior

For the buyer, there are real benefits.

Lifetime Guarantee:

At Vinyl Cladding Professional, we are so confident about the quality of our products and installation that they come with a Lifetime Guarantee, even if the ownership changes.

Low maintenance:

Most exteriors need to be painted several times in their lifespan. Vinyl Cladding is the only exterior finish that does not need any repainting as the colour is through the board. Our product comes with a Lifetime Fade Protection Guarantee, ensuring that the house will look good as new for years to come. That’s a lot of money saved on repainting! Not to mention the hassle.

Energy saving:

Energy rates have kept going up over the years and no doubt will continue to. Besides the insulation provided by our Insulplank range, if installed correctly the product creates an air gap between layers, improving the insulation further. That translates into real energy saving for years to come.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

With so many reasons to give your home exterior a new lease of life, can you afford not to?


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