Your Guide to Installing Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard cladding is one of the more popular wall cladding options preferred by many property owners, designers and builders due to the many advantages it offers.

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade

One such advantage is the ease of installation.  

Installation of this cladding material can be done at a fraction of the time it takes to install other types of wall cladding.

Although we highly recommend that you leave this task to the professionals, it is fairly easy to install our weatherboard panels.

For this task, you will require a few tools and materials.

Tape Measure

These include a screwdriver, hammer, jigsaw and wood saw, wooden batten boards, nails, screws, and the appropriate safety gear.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you get the right measurements for your wooden batten boards and that they fit the area you are working on.

After getting the right measurements, the next thing that you need to do is to layout your wall cladding kit as well as the other materials you will be needing for this project.

Next, screw the horizontal boards to the surface where they will be used and then install the vertical wooden boards up to the top of the surface, about 60 centimetres apart.

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade
After that, cut off five centimetres from the upper portion of the vertical boards where the horizontal boards will be placed.

Using a jigsaw, cut the cladding in order to ensure that they match the horizontal area of the surface.

Next, use a flange and nail to attach it to the lower portion of the wooden boards.

After this, you can proceed to nail the first row of cladding to the vertical boards.

The next row of cladding should overlap the nails of the first rows while the top portion should be attached to the vertical wooden boards like you did earlier.

Repeat this process until you reach the uppermost area.

siding white vinyl plastic texture background wall home pattern

Finally, nail the flange for the horizontal trim to the horizontal wooden boards.

After this, cut the horizontal trim to make sure it fits the surface and then hide the nails on the uppermost portion of the cladding using the flange.

Vinyl cladding home

We hope this guide helps you in your future installation of weatherboard cladding.

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