D.I.Y Granny Flats with Vinyl Cladding

You don’t have to have a Granny to build a Flat out back. In America they are called Garage Apartments and some Australian local councils call them ‘secondary dwellings’, meaning they are additional to the main house on the block.

Green house with vinyl cladding

Whatever you call them Granny Flats usually have a separate entrance, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, laundry and living area and can be finished in brick, timber or vinyl weatherboard.

These additional small homes are excellent and affordable options to expensive retirement villages and keep your relatives close but still far enough away to maintain some privacy. If you have a young family; growing up with the grandparents close by is priceless. If you have a family of teenagers; growing up with their own space is also priceless. If you need some extra income; renting the space and keeping the building and maintenance costs to a minimum will help the cash flow.

Family budget for granny flat

Turning your back yard into a second home can add value to your property and also provide a fantastic rental yield, depending on where you live. In most city suburbs, two-bedroom granny flats can achieve a similar weekly rent to two-bedroom units.

For Rent Sign in Front of Home

Effectively you will be building a mini house that will need electricity, gas, plumbing and sewage. All of these services need individual plans, specialist trades and incur added costs to the carpentry.

As I have said before in previous blogs

  • Do your homework
  • Make environmentally sound decisions about insulation and R-values
  • Get quotes on all building material options, including vinyl cladding
  • Devise future cost scenarios for maintenance and energy costs
  • Consider whether dealing with a builder will help you manage the costs involved and permits needed if you took the project on by yourself and
  • Keep track of cost options so you can make a budget to fit your finances

The advantages can certainly stack up if you go about it the right way.

Visit Vinyl Cladding Professionals for more.


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