Save Your Home Energy with Vinyl Wall Cladding

With the change in seasons comes a change in temperature. But while the temperature drops the heating bills rise.. There are many ways to manage the inefficiency of our homes but there is one basic way to make change that overrides all the others. It’s using a thing you generally can’t see and usually difficult to catch and hold. But when trapped will give the best temperature control for every season.

Home EfficientIt’s not magic it is air.

If your house can’t trap hot and cold air the thermal barrier has a hole in it, a low R Value and you will never stay warm. Weatherboard homes often have poor thermal barriers where the joins in the woodwork act as gaps for escaping heat and cool.
Home with vinyl claddingWhen we measure a weatherboard for vinyl cladding we also assess the existing thermal barrier and recommend the most suitable insulation for that home and location.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals have several vinyl cladding products that offer enhanced insulation when installed professionally. With a choice of 15mm, 20mm or 30mm polystyrene foam backing on the vinyl.

Vinyl Cladding ProfessionalsThe thickness choice will depend on whether we are laying over existing timber or fibre cement (fibro) walls, or onto new framework. With the correct underlay the vinyl will create an air gap inside the wall which will act as an excellent insulator. If you want the highest levels of comfort inside your home you need Insulplank – our premium insulated vinyl cladding range.

The main reason people choose vinyl cladding for energy efficiency is because you can add insulation without having to demolish or reconstruct the original house.

Save Home EnergyWhen you add this cost cutting benefit to the fact that trapped air is a “free” insulator your energy costs won’t be the only thing dropping.

Visit us at Vinyl Cladding Professionals thru the information below:

vinyl claddding information


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