How to Prepare your Walls for Vinyl Weatherboard

Let’s assume that you are covering existing weatherboards – that it is not a new build. Before we start lets dispel the common misconception that new vinyl weatherboards will conceal any irregularity in a wall. This is not true.. The thing is that Vinyl weatherboard – although it covers the old and makes it look fantastic –it still needs a flat, level and smooth surface behind it – this is also known as the SUB-SURFACE.

Vinyl WeatherboardIf you don’t take some time to first remove any materials that are out of line, later they could bulge and buckle the vinyl from behind. Remember that vinyl cladding needs room to expand and retract and any preparation and installation revolves around maintaining that flexibility. The backing also needs to be thick enough to hold a nail so you may need to install some ‘furring’.

‘Furring’ is an old carpentry term that refers to wooden (or metal) strips fastened horizontally across beams to make a wall flat. (It does not have anything to do with fluff, animals or teddy bears!)

Vinyl claddingSo, go around and remove or nail down any rotten and misshapen wooden boards. If the sub-surface is particularly damaged or uneven you may need to install battening or packing as well. In some cases the stud work may also need replacing. In Carpentry the studs are the vertical frames in a wall. (it does not have anything to do with the masculinity of your wall!)

Once you are sure that the sub surface is level you will need to remove downpipes, moulds and any other external obstructions including blinds around doors and windows.

Vinyl claddingAt this point you will need to consider if the sub-surface needs any additional, weather proofing or battening.

Yes, there is a lot to consider in the preparation of the sub-surface and depending on the state of disrepair of the walls this could take some time or no time at all. Either way – the time taken now is time you will save in the future. Do it right now and you’ll never have to do it (or any other maintenance for that matter) again.

vinyl cladding weatherboard

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