Home Renovation – Can you Handle it All by Yourself?

Do It Yourself can be very rewarding but you need to consider a few things before leaping into large projects. Installing vinyl weatherboards D.I.Y style is possible even for beginners. All you need is the right tools and some good planning to make sure you install the product correctly so it can deliver all the benefits you expect. All vinyl weatherboard products are designed for easy installation but you must follow instructions. Cutting corners and adopting the “she’ll be right, mate” attitude will mean you’ll do something wrong and the boards will get damaged. Vinyl Cladding Professionals - DIY or NotSo let’s get started. To do a good job – you need good tools (and the correct ones) including: hammer, tape measure, chalk line, tin snips, spirit level, pencil, screw driver, cordless drill, masonry or metal cutting blade in a circular saw (or a conventional tooth saw run backwards), snap-lock punch (crimping tool), utility knife, zip tool, nail slot hole punch, laser level, caulking gun and all necessary safety equipment. If you don’t have all of these tools already you have choices- either borrow them short term or buy and start your long term investment for future D.I.Y projects. This is a key factor in the decision to D.I.Y – if you don’t have the right tools to do the job correctly consider the cost to purchase them and the time to learn to use them. How much is your time worth? How does that compare against paying a professional to do the installation? There’s still a lot of benefits to D.I.Y so don’t give up – let’s move on to the next step. This is where you will need to use the tape measure and you wish you had paid more attention in maths! House renovationMeasuring how much vinyl weatherboard and trim is needed by multiplying the HEIGHT by the WIDTH of the wall to be covered- ignoring standard windows and doors as you will cut the lengths to accommodate the space. You can measure in imperial (feet and inches) or metric (metres and millimetres) but be consistent. To mix them up will alter your final calculations. The total of the wall will be either sq ft- square feet or sqm – square metres depending on what you use. For example – the side of the house is WIDTH 23m x HEIGHT 12m = TOTAL SQM 276m. Measure all the other walls in the same way and then add up all the totals. Add up the totals

Take your calculations along with a diagram of the house to show us – even if you do have the time and the right tools it always pays to have your maths checked!

– See more at: http://vinylcladdingprofessionals.com.au/vinyl-cladding-to-diy-or-not-to-diy/#sthash.7SfUqsY7.dpuf


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