DIY Home Renovation is Possible – Install Vinyl Cladding

It’s safe to say you can classify society into those that are ‘HANDY’, those that ‘ARE NOT’ and those that ‘JUST SHOULDN’T’. Line these up next to those that DO and those that DON’T and we’ve pretty well covered everyone.

Renovation on Budget But sometimes, when it comes to renovating on a budget, the ‘ARE NOT’s, ‘JUST SHOULDN’T’s and ‘DON’T’s look past their limitations and take a huge leap of faith in the name of saving money. With a lot of time and patience the gamble generally pays off and a successful renovation is completed…eventually.

Vinyl Cladding Installation Installing vinyl weatherboard cladding yourself is definitely possible and will save you installations costs, but to do a good job you MUST follow instructions.

Here’s why.

The main difference between vinyl and wooden/timber weatherboards is that the vinyl product will expand and contract more than timber in all weather conditions – especially heat. Rippling, bowing or buckling can occur if the product is installed incorrectly.

Basically, the boards need space to expand and contract and small things like hammering the nails in too hard or connecting two boards too tightly can ruin an entire wall.

Another difference is that vinyl cladding has, what’s called in the trade, MEMORY. This means that once it has been distorted in shape it stays that way. But Memory can also work to your long-term advantage. Once it is installed correctly – it stays that way and won’t buckle, bow, ripple or show signs of ageing, unlike wood.

Vinyl Cladding Memory

So whether you Do or Don’t, Can or Won’t; to be a good DIY you need the right tools, a level eye, the ability to nail straight and know the difference between 3mm and 5mm.

DIY renovating can be fun and provide a great deal of self satisfaction, but it is important to do things the right way to get the best results. There are always little tips and tricks that the “tradies” know to provide a professional finish, and we will look to provide you with some more of these in the coming weeks and months.

Vinyl Cladding Renovation

Of course if you are ever in doubt, contact the Vinyl Cladding Professionals and we’ll only be too pleased to point you in the right direction.

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