Avoid Weathering and Salt Corrosion in a Building by the Sea

It’s easy to get inspiration from magazines and social media tools like Pinterest and Instagram; but I’ve had a lot of clients tell me about shortcuts and construction traps they’ve found through research .That’s when the hidden costs become obvious. Like building dream beach house – If you don’t do your building research properly; it will turn into a maintenance nightmare.

Vinyl Cladding House by the Sea

If your house is an actual ‘beach house’ near the ocean a common oversight in building is underestimating the speed and extent of damage from salt spray to your house and to your car.

Vinyl Cladding By the Sea

You can keep the Beach House look and avoid the corrosion and weathering with vertical vinyl cladding. It gives a striking contrast in a vertical pattern rather than horizontal.

Vertical vinyl cladding by the sea

It’s easy to install DIY or get assistance and the choice of colours available can blend in with coastal locations or you can create the coastal look way inland from the beach.

Coastal Locations

But the most important reason to install vinyl cladding in coastal locations is its design and manufacturing to combat sea air and the wild winds. Vinyl cladding removes the need to constantly attend to the weathering. This is because

  • Salt will not corrode the material
  • Long lasting finish

This is what you should look for when choosing all the other products, including wall cladding, that are part of the structural fabric of the house like the roof, windows an skylights. Make sure

Vinyl Cladding Products - What to Look First

  • The manufacturers’ can prove that their products have passed tests to relevant weather standards.
  • It can resist wind forces and debris impact. Resilient cladding that can absorb the impact of small to medium-sized debris works best.

Resist Wind Forces

  • It is made of a material that won’t corrode with salt, water and wind. Even stainless steel can be damaged after time.
  • It can be washed or hosed down successfully
  • Has a manufacturers guarantee against salt or wind damage.

With all the right materials all you have to do now is work out the direction the weather will come from and design the house or renovation to have the strongest materials on that face.

Sit back and Relax

Then, when its all finished – just sit back, relax and watch your beach house retreat improve in value.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals



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