Great Ideas for Renovators – Replacing Asbestos

Do you have an old home? This is for you.

It’s quite common to find asbestos in old houses. It was the product of choice up until 1970, which means if you own an old house and you want to renovate and update – chances are you will have to deal with it.

Vinyl cladding Asbestos

Generally, if asbestos is in good condition d not crumbling – it can stay in position and you can either paint over it or cover it with another material as long as the material is not disrupted. If it is crumbly it will need to be removed by an accredited asbestos remover. Replacing or covering the asbestos gives you the chance to be creative with your choice of product and finish to really give a personal touch to your home.

Regardless if it is a brick or weatherboard house, vinyl cladding is a cost effective, practical and attractive option to consider in this scenario, for several reasons.


  • In most cases it can be installed directly over the asbestos. If not the cladding can easily be retro-fitted into the space where the asbestos was removed.
  • The cladding can be installed on the horizontal to create a weatherboard pattern or vertical for a wall panelling effect.
  • The cladding can be placed under the eaves, fascias and walls for a continuity of pattern and design.
  • A wide range of colours and edge shapes allow you to create unique design themes
  • Once installed no need for any further maintenance or painting

Asbestos home Vinyl Cladding

We’ve seen a lot of asbestos fix-it jobs go wrong with very expensive results. It’s important to do the job right the first time to avoid costly mistakes and ongoing maintenance.

Hire a professional to remove the asbestos and make decisions that will have long term benefits.

If you need help in upgrading your asbestos-built home, Vinyl Cladding Professionals is just a call away.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Visit them here:


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