Is it Possible to Use Vinyl Weatherboard on a Brick House? We Say YES!

I bet your first thought is that because a brick house is, well, made of bricks, it does not need its weatherboards replaced. That’s very true, especially for the outside walls, but if you really think about the design of a house there are several external areas that are not made out of bricks. Yes, it is possible and many of these houses exist.

Like the Eaves and Soffit linings. These are found under the part of the roof that extends outwards from the walls. They are there to direct the rain away from the walls and the windows but also to provide shade as an energy saving feature. In new homes these eaves are becoming narrower and therefore provide less shade – but they are still there, and if the house was built after the 1980’s they are usually filled in with timber or AC Sheet.

6Here’s the second place you might find weatherboards in a brick house.

In bespoke design brick homes the use of angles and “off square” shapes are on trend right now to create interest in form, but for the practical people out there -may not be so functional. These create areas that require an ‘in-fill’ and an opportunity to provide interest and design creativity into the brickwork. These have generally been filled in with timber.

But here’s the thing… timber has a shelf life, and eventually will rot and need maintenance; which can be a real pain as ‘in-fills’ are usually found in the highest most remote part of the roof. But you like it, as the timber weatherboard look suits the design and usually adds softness to the harsh brick exterior.

Don’t spend your Christmas holidays sanding, scraping and painting.

The best way to keep the weatherboard look and ditch the maintenance is by installing vinyl cladding. There are traditional and modern weatherboard looks and colours so you can still keep the design feature the architects intended.

And the great thing about using Vinyl Weatherboard Cladding is…You will only have to do it once.

Vinyl Cladding

We wish you a happy New Year doing everything except home maintenance.


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