Maintaining a Home with Asbestos under the Eaves

Chances are if your house was built before 1983 it will have asbestos under the eaves and quite possibly elsewhere within the framework. By conducting a test, a contractor specialising in asbestos should be able to confirm where asbestos has been used within a building.

Asbestos expert - Vinyl Cladding

It is quite common however, to find asbestos used under the eaves.

Asbestos is quite safe to keep in the eaves and around the house as long as it is well maintained and kept in one piece. As soon as it gets broken and becomes loose, or friable, you become in danger of exposure to the asbestos fibres becoming airborne. And that’s when all the trouble starts.

You can leave the asbestos under the eaves and keep it well maintained, painted and avoid using high pressure cleaners and power tools. This means keeping the paint in good condition and weather-proof.

What a pain. But what if there was a way to keep you family safe, the asbestos contained, and save time on maintenance?

Well, there is. It’s called Vinyl Cladding. Traditionally Vinyl Cladding is used on walls to replace weatherboards, but it can be applied under eaves quite successfully giving a clean finish that will never need painting.

Installing PVC Cladding under eaves also gives a smart design finish to an otherwise featureless space. Depending on your choice of colour and cladding style you could give a rustic or even modern finish that will never need painting.

As for the asbestos; in most cases the cladding can be installed over the asbestos containing the product in a weather proof casing. The cladding is secured to the fascia or other appropriate timbers and not drilled directly into the asbestos.

Vinyl Cladding Home

However, in some designs we are unable to secure the cladding safely, or the asbestos is in such poor condition that we recommend that the product be removed completely by a licenced asbestos removal team.

But then you still need to fill in the space. And what you choose here will directly influence your DIY schedule and your time available to do other more enjoyable activities.

Installing Vinyl Cladding under the eaves is a wise choice and very forward thinking. It looks great, is insulating, adds a design feature and oh- did I mention that it will never need painting!

Contact Vinyl Cladding Professionals for installation of vinyl cladding or PVC cladding in Melbourne.


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