PVC Cladding – A Smart Cladding Option for Your Homes

When we build houses or even offices for that matter, we want them to be sturdy and to last forever. Of course, that is often an idle dream as houses require regular maintenance. But is it possible to cut down on day-to-day maintenance and yet have the house exterior looking chic, sturdy and well protected from environmental vagaries?

Vinyl Cladding Professionals

 Yes, it is! External cladding comes in very handy for this. Since olden times, people relied on natural surfaces like wood, stone, brick to do the job. Nowadays, you get PVC cladding that comes in attractive colours, textures as well as designs. Moreover, it also comes at an economical cost and is virtually maintenance free.

 PVC cladding is not only external but comes as an internal cladding too. In essence, PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a kind of plastic. It is completely weather resistant and does not rot, rust, attract dust, mold, mildew or moisture. In addition, it offers excellent protection from sun, wind, cold, rain and other elements that the harsh Australian climate normally throws at you. It is much more economical and durable than its alternatives and comes with large warranties spanning decades.

 PVC cladding is a popular choice for internal cladding especially in humid work areas like the kitchen or the bathrooms. You find them regularly used around the shower area as they retard the growth of mildew. You’ll find that wood or even tiles look ungainly when used in moisture prone areas. The mildew or rotting wood looks rather ugly, not to mention the damage it exposes your house to. The good part is that PVC cladding comes in planks of varying thickness and lengths. That way you avoid unnecessary joints and can customize the cladding to suit your specifications. The finishes are excellent too including a timber grain that looks very close to the original minus the cost and the maintenance.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals

 UPVC is an unplasticized material. It is manufactured from lead-free calcium organic compound. Most of the wastage generated is ploughed back into production. This is extremely sturdy and resistant to all kinds of pests and decay. So you can use UVPC in any areas that require additional protection like the exterior of the house, roof, interior etc. They are a breeze to clean up. Just wipe them with a damp cloth or with soap and water to clean them. They require no additional painting or replacement and stay as good as new for years.

 Thus cladding such as PVC is a smart cladding option for your homes. Always buy your cladding from reliable professionals who help you in the right installation and maintenance.

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