Popular Trends in External Cladding

External cladding is the exterior protective cover that is generally applied on homes to protect them better from extreme weather conditions. External cladding comes in natural materials like brick veneer, stone or in sheets or planks like timber and PVC Cladding. These are essentially sturdy and help ensconce your home in a comfortable and secure shell to keep the vagaries of nature out. They also help keep your home better insulated adding to its value. Not to mention, they are an excellent way to enhance your home’s aesthetics and give it an elegant, stylish appeal.

3 Best Places to Locate External Wall Cladding

Let us see what is popular in terms of external cladding styles for homes:

Mix and match: Sometimes, one kind of external cladding may look dull and boring. To liven things up and to make them look contemporary, you may mix and match different claddings. For instance, stone may go well with stucco or one could try matching bright tiles with timber cladding. You may also choose to use different materials for areas like patios, balconies etc. to provide a good contrast.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals
Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Use multiple colours in the same cladding: PVC cladding comes in a wide range of colours, designs and textures. You can easily use contrasting or complementing tones when you choose the cladding. Small patches of colour or texture may brighten up your home giving it a novel look.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals
Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Use natural materials: A stone façade lends a classic appeal to your home. It is natural, requires minimal upkeep, no painting and imparts a great touch to your home’s exterior. It is also non-porous and sturdy. Brick veneer is also very beautiful and strong. It is resilient to harsh weather conditions and stays beautiful for a long time. Timber is a huge favorite for its elegant, classy looks. But it is expensive and a tad bit difficult to maintain. It requires regular painting and varnishing to stay good. It is also more prone to swelling and fading.

Use Glass: Glass gives a contemporary feel to your home’s exterior. It is a huge favorite for living spaces where you wish to bring in ample light. The entire house encased in glass would certainly be too over the top but small spaces done up in glass look elegant. Also don’t forget to experiment with glass mosaic tiles; they look rather trendy and add a great touch to your outer walls.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals
Vinyl Cladding Professionals

While getting quality and highly-tested external cladding done for your home, do remember to keep these style pointers in mind.

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