What are the Benefits of using Vinyl wall cladding?

Vinyl siding
Vinyl siding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

External wall covering is becoming increasingly popular to help protect your home’s exterior from damage due to extreme weather conditions. It clads your home like an envelope keeping it safe and secure for years together. Moreover, something that is the first window to an outsider has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. At the same time, you do not want the added hassles of expensive maintenance and replacement costs. Keeping all these in mind, vinyl wall cladding is an option that is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of homeowners in Australia.

Benefits of using Vinyl wall cladding:

It is sturdy: It does not fade or break down easily even under harsh UV light. This is a great advantage in a place that gets plenty of sunshine every year. Also, it provides great protection from moisture as it is moisture resistant. It can withstand very high winds as well. Thus, you can say goodbye to ugly see pages that may destroy your décor and eat away your home’s protective shell. Vinyl wall cladding scores very high on the protective quality.

Long life: Vinyl wall cladding does not fade and hence retains its natural look for decades. It has warranty that lasts you a really long time. Thus, a one -time investment can assure you of protecting your home for decades thus giving you a very high return on investment.

Cost effective: This high quality wall cladding comes at a fraction of a cost of claddings like timber, brick, stone, fiberglass etc. Its quality and low maintenance is the icing on the cake. Thus, it will deliver you the goods yet not be steep on your pocket.

Low maintenance: This is every homeowner’s dream come true. You don’t need painting or varnishing at all. Just wiping with soap and water is maintenance enough.

Environmentally friendly: Yes, plastic is often not equated with being green. Yet, vinyl wall cladding wastage during production can be ploughed back into production. These days, the emphasis is on using as much recycled plastic as possible in the new cladding. Also, no requirement for painting or varnishing on a regular basis helps in cutting down regular air pollution.

After: Lovely new vinyl siding
After: Lovely new vinyl siding (Photo credit: M & M Roofing, Siding & Windows)

All these factors show that in material, installation, maintenance and actual cost, vinyl wall claddings have great advantage over other claddings. Choose your vinyl claddings as per specifications and get them installed from reputed professionals. Do invest in them as a prudent investment for your home.


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