PVC Weatherboards

PVC weatherboards are also known as vinyl cladding and are a popular choice for exterior wall cladding in Australia. Being an artificial surface, it is non-reactive and immune to damage that other natural weatherboards like timber are often vulnerable to. PVC Weatherboards are also reasonably priced, have a very long life and are virtually maintenance free if installed correctly. And for those who just love the look of timber logs or grain or natural stone, there are exact same styles available at much lower cost and lesser maintenance.

photo_12882_20090811Why should you use PVC weatherboards?

Vinyl weatherboards have multiple advantages:

a. Very low cost especially when compared to natural materials like timber and stone

b. Long warranties sometimes going up to 2 decades

c. Extremely low and hassle-free maintenance

d. Do not fade, warp or bend

e. Do not rust or corrode

f. Do not allow mould or mildew formation, as they repel moisture buildup and seepage

g. Protect interior of the house as they avoids seepage

h. Excellent range of contemporary designs, colours and styles to suit all decors

i. No regular expenses like painting or polishing required

j. Mixes and matches with other materials comfortably

k. Offer excellent insulation to the house bringing down the power bills to heat or cool the house

Installation of the PVC weatherboards

PVC weatherboards come in sheets of different sizes to help you manage uneven size requirements. Usually, the cladding sheets are installed on an existing wall sheath after they have been prepared. The sheets must not be nailed too rigidly to avoid cracking when they expand or contract in hot and cold weather conditions respectively. It is very important that the installation is correctly, preferably by professionals, to ensure that its life is long and hassle free.


Care for PVC weatherboards:

These claddings require minimal care and maintenance. Normally, they are very sturdy and do not bend or warp easily. The colour also does not fade soon. Since they are resistant to moisture and rust, they will not develop ugly mildew or damp patches. Mostly wiping down and cleaning with a damp cloth and soap solution should be enough.


Choose PVC weatherboards for your home to give its exterior excellent protection as well as make your home look classy and beautiful for eternity. Additionally, a home that looks pretty and stays protected has a higher value. Always choose your exterior cladding from professional cladding experts for a large range to choose from and also for correct installation.

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