Tips for Choosing the Best External Wall Cladding

Besides adding external structural support to buildings and protecting them from weather elements such as rain, external wall cladding can also serve an aesthetic purpose depending on the material you choose. There are many available options in terms of material and design that you need to consider when deciding on the cladding you wish to install. However, choosing the appropriate cladding can prove to be quite decision mainly because your decision must be based on several considerations.

Factors to consider when choosing the right external wall cladding

1. Protection

One of the most important considerations before you install cladding should be protection especially from harsh weather onslaughts. The cladding should protect your structure against rain, heat, storm, hail, corrosion, moisture, dirt, cold, and salinity. This may be strongly influenced by the climatic conditions in the area. You may need to install cladding with a very strong, hardy and non-reactive surface if you live in an area which has a very harsh climate. This will ensure that the cladding provides enough protection for the structure.

2. Insulation

Cladding installed on the exterior of a structure also serves to provide insulation to the building. The insulation properties of the cladding mainly depend on the material used especially on the exterior surface. This can help lower your power bills by maintaining a moderate temperature regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. For instance, brick cladding absorbs water quickly and is also quick to dry without damaging the structure. On the other hand, stone provides a thick barrier and hence better heating and cooling depending on the temperature and season. Therefore, you need to consider the insulation properties of the material you intend to use.

3. Cost

It is always vital to do a cost-benefit analysis before embarking on any project. The cost of the cladding should be reasonable without compromising on aesthetics and the quality of protection. In most cases an option that offers multiple features, texture and aesthetic qualities at a low cost is desired.

4. Quality and durability

External wall cladding must be of good quality. Your choice must serve its purpose and last for a considerably long period of time. On the other hand, you want to ensure that the external cladding you install increases the both value of your home and the value of the home environment.

5. Finish and aesthetic appeal

As a property owner, it is very important to keep in mind your structure’s aesthetic appeal. The finish of the external home cladding may also be very important to some home owners. Some may prefer timber due to its classy look and appeal. However, its price and cost of maintenance are huge deterrents for this option and in most cases they end up settling for materials with similar textures.

6. Ease of installation

In most cases, light weight external cladding is preferred mainly for its ease of installation and transport.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance of the cladding is a huge factor when making your choice. For instance, it would be cumbersome and expensive to settle for fancy cladding that is prone easy damage and requires constant maintenance. A sturdier surface with low maintenance costs is definitely a better option.

When it comes to choosing external wall cladding, several factors must be given due consideration. The material finish differs according to quality, aesthetics, pricing, budget, and the use for the structure.


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