Vinyl Weatherboards Are a Popular Exterior Cladding Choice

Weatherboards are sidings or sheets of cladding that are used to provide protection to your home’s exterior. They come is very enticing designs and colours to suit your tastes and give an elegant appeal to your home. These days vinyl weatherboards are a very popular exterior cladding option due to its amazing qualities and cost effectiveness. Other options like wood, stone, tiles, stucco and glass are also used for exterior cladding, but most of them are expensive and are difficult to maintain.


Let us look at some of the amazing qualities that vinyl weatherboards offer:

1. They are very reasonably priced. As they last for many years, they are amazingly cost effective too. Really a wonderful choice for your home’s exterior.

2. They are easy to install. The weatherboards come with will roll-over nail hem to increase strength while installing.

3. They are available in varying thicknesses as well as lengths. More thickness prevents warping and bending and keeps the weatherboard sturdy even in harsh weather conditions. Length options allow you to prevent joints. You can buy smaller and longer sheets as per your requirements.

4. Vinyl weatherboards are available in some extremely classic textures like wood grain. They also come in a wide range of colours and shades for you to pick from. Thus, you can get the look of wood at a fraction of its cost and no-sweat maintenance.

5. The colours are strengthened with chemicals to prevent fading due to harsh weather conditions and to look fresh for a very long time.

6. Vinyl weatherboards are virtually maintenance free. They just need a wipe down with soap and water twice a year to stay in sparkling shape.

7. They come with superior lifetime warranties and adhere to Australian Standards of Construction.

8. They are extremely weather resistant and can withstand harsh sun, wind, rain, cold, snow, storm and even earthquakes. Thus they are especially suited to Australian homes and buildings.

9. They are extremely versatile and can be easily renovated or updated. They can be put on top of any substrate.

10. They provide great insulation to the home with the padding that is installed between the weatherboards and the substrate thus saving on your power bills for heating and cooling the house.

To summarize, vinyl weatherboards are really a great choice when you are doing up the exterior of your home. Check out online stores that specialize in vinyl weatherboards for a great range of options!


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