Weatherboard Cladding Renovating the Look of your Home!

Are you tired of the same old look of your home? Are you also sick of spending every year for a fresh coat of paint and other maintenance? Do you want some change now? Then weatherboard cladding could be the perfect answer for you. Weatherboards are sturdy boards made of material like timber, fiberglass, PVC etc. that can be easily attached to any substrate and can transform the look of your house.

So if you have a brick or stone home, you can get weatherboards put up on top. To protect your home further, you can opt for thicker foam that is put between the substrate or the original surface and the weatherboards. This will help shield your home from external weather conditions and also save energy for heating and cooling costs. While at it, also check if you can increase ventilation and light through your home. That helps a lot with internal stale air and damp buildups that can breed germs.

Clapboard houses Cranbrook
Clapboard houses Cranbrook (Photo credit: Gauis Caecilius)

The weatherboards can be neatly fixed around windows and other open spaces. The PVC ones are preferred because they will not swell or be prone to mould, seepage etc. due to moisture exposure as compared with timber. PVC weatherboards are lightweight and come in large sizes to avoid too many joins. They can be easily affixed and then last you for years. With their beautiful colours and natural textures, they can provide a classy look to your home.

You also want weatherboards that do not need repetitive fixing, maintenance and touch ups. PVC weatherboards are sturdy, don’t warp or bend, can withstand very strong winds, rain, sun and other weather conditions, and are naturally mould and dust resistant. They will just need a cleanup once or twice annually with soap solution and water. It is a great option for any homeowner who wants an effective good-looking exterior with fuss-free maintenance.

To summarize, weatherboards are really easy to install and maintain and are the best option out there to renovate your home’s exterior. They are lightweight and very sturdy. You can expect them to last you years if you maintain them correctly. Decide on your budget, choose the colour and texture and seek out professional cladding stores before you finalize on the choice of weatherboard cladding for your home. It is really the best way of keeping your home in top condition.


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