Do architects recommend PVC Cladding?

Benefits from Vinyl Wall CladdingThe exterior of your home is the first thing that the visitors will see. You want your home to look good and at the same time not have the bother of continuously spending on its upkeep and maintenance. Earlier, PVC cladding was looked upon with ridicule for its plastic-like look and ugly feel but not anymore. Due to its low cost and virtually negligible maintenance, it became famous among the architects and homeowners in Australia. Let us see some of its features that suit your home and budget:

Features of PVC cladding:

  • Low cost: PVC cladding is extremely cost effective. It has a long life and no need for maintenance costs like regular painting or replacement. Thus, it works out very economical in the long term.
  • Virtually negligible maintenance: This just needs a wipe down with soap solution and water, once or twice a year, and it should stay in top shape. No regular maintenance costs or heavy duty chores required for its upkeep.
  • Complements other materials: It is a perfect complement to stone, stucco, tile, brick, timber etc. Due to its versatility, PVC is a popular cladding choice for home exteriors.
  • Sturdy: Tough and resistance to vagaries of weather, it is preferred in most climates.
  • Array of beautiful colors, textures and patterns: Comes in an astounding variety and range to provide you a vast classy choice.
  • Almost timber-like grain: Works as a great substitute for timber that is expensive, ecologically endangered and difficult to maintain.
  • Additional foam insulation offered: Additional foam insulation helps increase the protection externally and lowers energy costs for heating or cooling the house internally.
  • Long boards for least joins: To avoid that disjointed look and also many joins that could cause maintenance issues, there are varying and larger boards available.
  • Mould and insect resistant: Great from maintenance point of view.
  • Fire and impact resistant: Works well against disasters.
  • Some of them come with extra hem for easy nailing: This prevents buckling and warping over long-term use.
  • Can withstand excesses of Australian climate: An all-weather option that is extremely hardy.
  • Come with lifetime warranties: Takes care of future replacement.
  • Satisfies Australian building standards: Safe and secure to use.

PVC cladding is a great option for exterior cladding due to its many great features outlined above. And architects are actively recommending them. If you are a homeowner in Australia, do check out the extensive range at a professional cladding store near you.


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