Weatherboard Cladding

As the name suggests, weatherboard cladding is installed on the exterior of the home to safeguard against harsh weather conditions. It also provides added benefits of waterproofing and insulation that takes care of reducing energy costs in heating or cooling the home. Weatherboard cladding comes in a variety of materials: timber, vinyl, fiber cement, plastic, aluminium etc. And, it does add to the visual appeal of your home and enhances its monetary value.

English: Kent weatherboard
English: Kent weatherboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What type of weatherboard cladding should you choose?

The factors that you must consider while zeroing in on a choice are the material, its strength and durability, maintenance and cost.

Timber weatherboard cladding comes normally in planks and boards that need to be painted, stained or varnished. They look very elegant but require regular maintenance and are generally more expensive. They can also peel; they can swell and lose shape if they absorb water. Hardwood is more durable than particle wood. Do take into consideration the cost as well as regular maintenance in varnishing regularly.

Vinyl weatherboard cladding is made of high quality PVC. These are generally more economical than other claddings. They are extremely durable and last for years on end. They just need basic maintenance of washing with soap and water once or twice a year. They come in some great colors and textures to complement the other elements of the exterior of your home. Many of them come in finishes that replicate the elegance of wood without the nuisance of constant maintenance. They are easy to install on any basic frame and are extremely hardy and provide excellent insulation against the worst of climates.

Fiber cement weatherboards are another attractive option. They safeguard your home against fire, termites, harsh climate when optimally maintained. They are extremely hardy and reasonably priced

Who should use this?

Any home whether contemporary or heritage, big or small, bungalow or a modern dwelling can benefit from the advantages of using weatherboard cladding. You can cover the entire exterior of your home or use it in parts combining with stone, marble or tile for a classy fusion look. Remember that it can be fixed on any surface and lasts a very long time with the right installation and maintenance. Ideally each home should have weatherboard cladding. It is economical in the long term in terms of energy costs saved due to insulation and costs saved in repair and painting of a normal home.

Do research more on the looks and types of weatherboard claddings. Visit professional home stores and cladding professionals and see firsthand the designs, types, colors and materials that are available before you make the final decision for your home.


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